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5th mar 2015

Asteroid Deluxe to perform original live rescore to Alexandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain - Greenman Festival 2015!!!

Greenman festival have just commissioned Asteroid Deluxe to compose and perform an original live soundtrack for Alexandro Jodorowsky's 70s cult classic Holy Mountain. The band will perform it at midnight on the Friday in the prestigious Greenman Cinedome tent at this year's festival.

Holy Mountain's bizarre, grotesque scenarios filled with religious and sacrilegious imagery will enter into an intense marriage with Asteroid Deluxe's broad church of psychedelic sonic architecture, giving rise to a very special screening of this already iconic film.

26th Jan 2015

Oh You Pretty Things

Filmed live at The Bristol Museum and Art gallery in 2014 - The Greatness of the Magnificence Fantasy Orchestra's Bowie night (Jeremy Deller English Magic Exhibition) Here is Helen performing Bowie's Oh You Pretty Things joined by 80 + plus musicians and singers for the chorus'!

21st Oct 2014

Piano recording for Echoic Audio

Helen was approached to record a piano part for music and sound design studio Echoic Audio last month. The project 'Symphonic' was a compositional and sound-design commission by digital art and motion graphics company Konstruktiv. Echoic's brief was to achieve a distinctly 'natural' piano recording with depth, warmth and 'feel', it was paramount to judge it just right as it was to be the pivotal component in the soundtrack also featuring strings, voice and a great deal of sound design. Helen choose a blumlein microphone set up using her two ribbon mics with additional low noise preamps and through careful experimentation with their positioning she was able to avoid post production all together and achieve that quintessential 'natural' recording beautifully.


You can hear and watch the results here:


And read more about the project and it's process here:

25th Sept 2014

Rumble-O's original live soundtrack to Bruce Brown's 1966 'The Endless Summer'

"The new sounds of Severn Delta Surf! ....bringing a fresh take on the inspirational guitar and organ driven party music of the late fifties and early sixties ....putting a decidedly British spin on this quintessential American music form." 

Bristol's no.1 60's surf legends The Rumble-O's were commissioned earlier this year to write an original soundtrack for Bruce Brown's 1966 seminal surf documentary The Endlesss Summer for a live peformance in the prestigious Cinedome cinema tent at this year's Green Man Festival. 



They wrote 10 brand new pieces of music for this commission and together with another 8 of their existing catalogue they have extensively rescored this glorious celebration of the nascent days of surfing, a true departure from the original soundtrack performed by 60's surf rock band 'The Sandals'. They have emulated the naivety and spontaneity of music from this era with a formidable prowess and the challenge of being all instrumental has been met with plenty of hooks and memorable riffs keeping self indulgence to a minimum and quality to the maximum.

Following an overwhelming flurry of praise for the show they are now taking it on the road, first up is Sensoria Festival in Sheffield this weekend for it's opening night.


16th Sept 2014

Recording at Toybox Studios - Martin Callingham's first solo album 'Tonight, We All Swim Free"

Throughout Feb - May earlier this year Helen was in and out of Bristol's legendary Toybox Studios recording trumpet, piano and even backing vocals for song-smith extraordinaire Martin Callingham's (of Joyce The Librarian fame) first solo album 'Tonight, We All Swim Free' with the very talented producer and engineer Ali Chant. Well the masters are back and sounding just beautiful. Due to be released on Folkwit records 16th Feb 2015, here is a taster track, listen out for Helen's mariachi style trumpet at the very end:

Joyce The Librarian's critically acclaimed single 'Follow Me, I'm Right Behind You' from their 2012 album 'They May Put Land Between Us'

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